About Royal Institute of Nursing

Royal Institute of Nursing is managed by Global Education and charitable Trust. The Trust was registered in the State of Punjab in Feb 2007 by some highly qualified, experienced and dedicated people to enhance the accessibility and affordability of quality international education to young women and men in rural areas and to promote nursing profession. College  is run by at Jaito Sarja 2 km away from Batala.

Royal Institute of Nursing takes this responsibility seriously & recruit qualified teachers to make them outstanding nurses & provide best clinical facility in Established Private&Government hospitals .

Royal Institute of Nursing has a very ambitious plan to run the institute on latest modern lines, so that the students passing out of this institute would be able to exhibit their best skills & set the new trends in Nursing Profession.Our mission is to bring quality healthcare at international level , closer to every individual in need and ever since the years that went by have witnessed us defining excellence in healthcare, pioneering new medical techniques & technologies and setting benchmarks at every touch point of the medical value chain.

Our Tie -Ups

Royal Institute of Nursing works in consultation with an international institution to provide teaching and learning excellence. It has partnership with the School Of Nursing, UNIVERSITY Of BRITSH COLUMBIA [OKNOGAN],As a part of this commitment, our students will visit Canada for an exchange program ofr further learning.
PACE Canada college in Consultation with Global Education and Charitable Trust (GECT) will develop and design the curriculum for Business and Management Courses at the Bachelors and Master’s level and other programs in Health Science, Community Development and Intercultural Studies. In addition the two parties will work together to develop Trades and Vocational Courses.PACE Canada will seek the necessary approvals to offer these programs partly in India and party in Canada. However the degree/ Diploma/ Certificate will be awarded from PACE Canada.
Royal Institute of Nursing has established international relationship with Langara College of Vancouver, Canada keeping in view that varied exposure of international practices open door to bright future for the students in competitive economy.

Our Goals

×Ensure high quality of nursing and healthcare education for candidates who opt for the profession in India and uplift the quality of healthcare services domestically
×Disseminate knowledge by educating the public and professionals through strategies that include and engage diverse learners. 
×Advance and preserve knowledge about human health ecology, including human responses to health and illness of individuals, families, groups, and communities.